Release Notes - 2D Semantic Segmentation improvements

As part of the commitment to continuously deliver the best possible annotation experience, several changes have been made to semantic segmentation. These changes include not only performance improvements, but also features new to the platform.

What's happening

Performance improvements

To support larger and more efficient Semantic Segmentation workloads, improvements needed to be made to the Paint tool, and specifically the paint brush behavior.

For those associates and annotators who have previously used the Brush tool, this release should eliminate the delay between placing a color, and having it appear.

"Lock all" toggle

When applying masks to objects placed near each other on the canvas, it can be difficult to completely color in those objects without overlapping on those objects. Using Lock all, each applied layer will be locked, preventing color overlap when many objects are being masked.

Tag detection

This is a work-in-progress feature, with a few steps remaining to reach full functionality. The core concept of Tag detection is to facilitate QA and workflows that have many tags, where it can be difficult to identify which is which.

The first phase of this feature, which is currently available, includes the release of a new Select tool that shows labels while hovering over masks on the workspace.

Improvements in action