Release Notes - Cuboid Routes


New feature

Designed to enhance the annotation and reviewing experience, the 3D annotation platform is receiving a new visual function - Cuboid routes.

What's being added

Cuboid routes allow you to monitor the exact path the created cuboid is taking. Each shift, elevation change, or lateral movement will be recorded for each cuboid in the workspace.

This addition is designed with two key improvements in mind:

  1. Enable more accurate annotation of moving 3D objects by providing a visual reference for every shape movement.
  2. Empower QA and Sampling best practices by facilitating the discovery and correction of unusual object movement.

This feature can be toggled on and off using the button located in the top toolbar:

How to use the route

Cuboid routes are a relatively straightforward addition to the Sama workspace. Each notch in the route represents 1 frame of cuboid movement. These notches can be used to precisely locate any unexpected movement in shape positioning.

Cuboid routes in action