Release Notes - Isolated workspace


Future-proofing the workspace

All workspaces have been moved to their own isolated instance, allowing further enhancements to its appearance, performance, and usage.

To continue developing and improving the annotation, preview, sampling and read-only workspaces, they needed to be rebuilt from the ground up. As a result, you'll notice some changes to the user interface and navigation experience.

What's changing

The largest change is an overall modernization of the workspace. However, all the tools and annotation elements haven't changed, allowing you to maintain your workflow uninterrupted. Use the below image to compare the previous workspace with the current one:

Before and After of the workspace UI redesign

Before and After of the workspace UI redesign

New navigation bar

The navigation bar is the element that received the largest overhaul. Where the elements such as the workspace type, current step, and task directory and ID were spread out, they will now be condensed in a more immediately viewable and more accessible layout:

The nav bar, with dropdowns for more information

The nav bar, with dropdowns for more information

Accessing the workspace

While the visual appearance of the workspace, and some of the actions you take from within it, are changing, how you access the workspace is not. As an annotator in the Sama platform, you'll continue to click “Start work” from within the project, and “Stop work” from within the workspace.

Your workflow will not be affected by this change. It is largely driven by back-end needs to enhance your experience.

See the workspace in action