Release Notes - Revised Shape List


Keeping everything ship shape

The Shape list is an incredibly important part of the annotation experience in the Sama platform, and alongside other enhancements to the experience, the Shape list is getting some upgrades.

While some enhancements are complicated and can primarily target unseen performance gains, the Shape List revisions are refreshingly straightforward.

What's changing

The Shape List is receiving updates to improve accessibility and readability. A core focus for this pass was to allow information to be absorbed more easily at a glance. This is done through a few key additions:

  1. Shape items in the list have been greatly expanded
    1. Shapes will now be more descriptive in the list, providing both a descriptive header, and answer option responses as part of the expanded details.
      1. Long headers have text wrapping, allowing them to be readable in the shape list.
    2. Shapes are now collapsed by default and expand on selection
      1. When expanded, all shape attributes are displayed along with the label information.
  2. Groups are now more apparent in the Shape List, allowing you to combine multiple shapes in a more defined manner. When expanded, no shapes will be selected by default.
  3. Shapes will now have a clearer indicator for required fields being missing, rather than just red text. An icon and an “Incomplete” label is added to shapes missing information.
  4. The “Expand All” button will show all shapes and groups with a single action. By default, all shapes will be unselected, but individual shapes can be selected afterward. It's important to note that the unselected shapes will be hidden once a shape is selected.

Why is this changing

The changes being made to the Shape list are being performed as part of the goal to modernize the annotation workspace. Accessibility and ease of use drove this decision, and as a result, future improvements will be easier to implement.