Creating projects

To create a project:

  • In the My projects section, click New Project in the top right corner.

A new page will open, where you can configure the project as described in the sections below.



Once you create a project, you cannot delete it or edit it (except for the project name, which can be changed).

Choosing a name

When naming your project, make sure to choose something meaningful that will be easy to remember and search for later. For example, instead of "Project 1", try something like "Retail Store Annotation".

Choosing an annotation type

Depending on what type of asset you are looking to annotate, you will need to choose the appropriate annotation type. The Annotation tools section immediately below will update to show you which annotation tools will be included in the workspace for the selected annotation type.

The following annotation types are currently available:

  • Image: Annotate static images using our suite of vector annotation tools.
  • Video: Annotate frames of a video using our suite of vector annotation tools.

Choosing a template

Here, you can choose to start with a blank project or a premade template that matches your use case. The following templates are currently available:

  • Blank: Ideal for experienced users who want to create their own configuration from a blank slate.
  • Vehicle: Ideal for annotating roadways.
  • Landscape: Ideal for annotating landscapes.
  • Furniture: Ideal for annotating interior spaces.
  • Pose Estimation: Ideal for annotating human beings in movement.

Selecting advanced options

In this section, you can decide whether to require that all annotations be reviewed before they can be finalized. If reviews are required, a reviewer will be able to take a second look at the annotations and make any changes that are needed to bring the work up to quality standards.

For more information, see Reviewing annotations.



If you only need a subset of annotations reviewed, you can configure those parameters by creating a review step.