Functions by annotation platform

Here at Sama, we offer 4 tools that form the Sama Annotate platform for a comprehensive experience:

  • Image annotation: Sama image annotation allows you to provide image assets to be labeled through either shape or semantic segmentation tools.
  • Video annotation: Sama video annotation experts precisely track temporal and spatial features of your target objects and improve your machine learning model’s performance.
  • 3D Point Cloud annotation: Sama 3D point cloud annotation combines the capabilities of fully designed cuboids, lines, and polygons to enable comprehensive spatial and temporal ground truth annotations.
  • Sensor Fusion annotation: Sama sensor fusion annotation allows the simultaneous annotation of multiple distinct sensor data points by combining 3D Point Cloud and Video annotation.

The table below maps out what each annotation platform offers and how you can leverage Sama for your data.

Annotation PlatformBounding BoxesKeypointsPolygonsLines and arrowsCuboidsSemantic SegmentationTemporal trackingSpatial tracking
Image Pixel or Polygon
Video Polygon
3D Point Cloud
Sensor Fusion
Works in Video, not in 3D Point Cloud

Works in Video (Polygon), not in 3D Point Cloud