Inviting members

Inviting new team members into your Organization allows them to begin managing projects and annotating your assets. To access the member invitation modal, you need to be in the organization summary page, accessed by clicking on your name in the top-left corner of the Sama Go project interface.


Because Sama Go allows you to create so many projects, we understand that you need a good team to annotate accurately. This is why we make inviting new users simple, requiring only four inputs from the project manager, and very few actions from the invitee. To fill out the invitation, you'll need to know the input values:

  1. In the Role field, you define the invitee's responsibilities, divided into Admin and Member roles;
    • Admin: This role can be thought of as a project manager. The invitee will be creating new projects, uploading new assets, configuring project settings, and internally, assigning team members to the project.
    • Member: This role can also be considered as primarily an annotator, responsible for the actual data annotation of your assets. These members won't have access to the main Sama Go dashboard, which hosts the project list.
  2. In the Email field, you enter the invitees main contact email, which is used to keep the invitee in the loop for any project changes, task uploads, or annotation notes.
  3. In the First name and Last name fields, you define the identity of the invitee, which will be shown during annotation and on the account management page. These fields can be used for more than just a name, for example,
    inviting a specific subteam or managed account to your Sama Go instance.