Managing organization members

As a Sama Go account admin, you're able to manage the account details for members you've invited to your organization. From the Organization page, accessed by opening the user menu in the top-right, then clicking on Organization, then scrolling down, you'll see a list of your team members:


By clicking on any team member's name (regardless of their role), you'll be taken to a management page, where you can make various changes to this member's account:

  • The user's role can be changed between Member and Admin.
  • The member's personal information can be changed (Email address and Name).
  • The user's password can be changed, by sending the user a password reset email. For details about what the user will see, see Resetting your password
  • Any configured two-factor authentication can be reset, which will provide the user with a verification code to reconfigure their device 2FA. For information about what the user will see, see Resetting two-factor authentication
  • The user's account can be deactivated, which will take away their access to the Sama Go instance and change their status to "Disabled. Disabled users can be enabled at any time, restoring access.

Additionally, if the user you're managing is in a Pending state, you'll have different options available to you under Account Settings:

  • Activate manually activates, bypassing the need for the user to acknowledge their received email.
  • Resend Activation Email sends a new copy of the initial activation email to the user.
  • Disable deactivates the user's account, removing their access to the Sama Go instance and any associated projects.



Pending accounts that are manually activated will need their passwords and 2FA reset before they can actively be used.