Supported formats

When you're setting up a workspace output, you will usually need to map it to a URL input to bring in assets. The table below details the supported file formats and maximum file sizes for each workspace output, and provides examples.

Workspace outputSupported URL inputsMax. file sizeSample fileNotes
Image Annotation.jpeg, .jpg, .png≤ 2 MB hosted on our S3 bucket or a client-hosted public URL, or ≤ 10 GB hosted on local asset servers.jpg
VideoVideo files (.avi, .mp4, .mpg, .mov)


Image frames in subfolders or a .zip file with the following sequence: 0.jpg, 1.jpg, 2.jpg, etc.
≤ 25 GB in one workspace across all with image frames

Point file with the following sequence structure: frame001.pcd, frame002.pcd, frame003.pcd, etc.

The full list of supported files is here.

Folders are also supported instead of .zips as inputs. However, the folders (and the files within) must be hosted in the Sama S3 bucket.
.zip with .pcd filesEach data point should have (x,y,z) coordinates. Point intensity values are also optionally supported (normalized to a 0-1 scale), encoded in an intensity dimension. The positive z direction must represent “up” in the physical world. Intensity values can also be normalized with a pre-processing setting.