Trying demo projects

In Sama Go, we offer a variety of demo projects on the Projects page to give you a feel for what you can accomplish. You can use the projects as a sandbox for experimenting with various tools, or draw inspiration from some of the pre-annotated projects prepared by our teams.


As an example, we currently have a demo project called Full scene panoptic segmentation (blank), which shows a 2D street scene that has not yet been annotated. This is what the workspace will look like once you first start annotating a project:


If you then open the demo project called Full scene panoptic segmentation, you will see the same street scene after it has been fully annotated. In this case, each object in the street has been annotated with the Polygon tool, and information has been provided about each shape in the shape attributes in the side panel.


Feel free to explore all our demo projects whenever you like — they're there to guide and inspire you!