Uploading assets to projects

Once you have created an Image or Video project, you need to upload the image or video assets that you want to have annotated.

The file type and size restrictions are as follows:

  • Images: JPEG and PNG files of up to 25 MB each
  • Videos: AVI, MKV, MOV, MP4 and ZIP files of up to 20 GB each



If you are uploading a video as a ZIP file, the contents must be organized as a collection of images, with one image per frame (for example, frame1.jpg, frame2.jpg, [...]).

Entire folders of assets can be uploaded at the same time, as long as the formats seen above are maintained.

To upload assets:

  1. In the My projects table, click the three-dots menu in the row for a project and click Upload assets.
  1. Drag and drop files onto the page, or click browse to navigate to the files on your device.
  1. Once your assets have appeared in the bottom table and show as Ready, click Start Upload.
  1. Once the progress bar indicates that the upload is complete, click Edit Project to start editing your project and define shape and scene attributes.