Viewing a task in the workspace in read-only mode

You can view any task you like in the workspace in read-only mode. This lets you see how the task is progressing without any risk of accidentally changing anything. You can even look at a task while it is being worked on by an annotator β€” you'll see all their progress up to the most recent save.



If you know the project ID and task ID, you can jump right to this page by going to[projectID]/tasks/[taskID


To view a task in the workspace in read-only mode:

  1. Go to Projects > [your project] > Status > Tasks > View.
  2. In the right-hand panel, enter search criteria that will return the task you want to view. The first three fields are mandatory; you must choose a state and a date range in which the tasks would have had that state. The remaining fields are optional; you can search based on the current state of the task, its rejection status, or its various IDs.
  1. Click View.
  2. In the ID column, click on the task ID.
  1. Click View Workspace.