Viewing the status of tasks

In the View tab, you can search for tasks and view a range of information about those tasks. Specifically, the State/Time to Delivery column will display the status of each task (such as New, In Progress, Completed, and Delivered). This is useful for referencing the tasks that you have uploaded, and later, keeping an eye on how the annotation work is progressing.

To view the status of tasks:

  1. In the My projects table, hover over the three-dots menu next to a project and click View tasks.
  1. On the View page that opens, enter search criteria in the right-hand panel that will return the tasks you want to view. The first three fields are mandatory; you must choose a state and a date range in which the tasks would have had that state. The remaining fields are optional; you can search based on the current state of the task, its rejection status, or its various IDs.
  1. Click View. The State/Time to Delivery column will show the status of each task that was returned by your search.