Viewing your organization


As a Project Manager in Sama Go, you can review your organization's invited users and their roles to easily manage users in your team. To enable this, we've created an Organization section in your Sama Go account.

To access your the management interface for your organization, click on your name in the top-right corner, then click Organization


Organization overview

Accessing the Organization page, you'll be provided a summary of your organization details and invited team members:

  • The Organization email field will display the contact email provided during account sign-up for your business division that uses Sama Go.
  • The Organization name is a quick way to identify either your entire business, or if multiple departments are annotating, the specific division using this Sama Go instance.
  • The Country field is used only for location information, and doesn't affect your Sama Go instance usage. Read more about our Data Privacy Policy here.
  • The Phone number field is an optional field, but can be used to add additional contact information for your team, rather than for any individual member.
  • The Members section will show you all team members who have been invited to join your Sama Go instance, and includes their full name, account status, and user role.
  • Lastly, we have the Invite User button, which will open a form where you can provide the information for a new user and provide them access to your Sama Go Organization.