Release Notes - Next important item


Super(b) skipping

Next/Previous important item frame skipping introduces intelligent frame selection to your 2D Video and 3D Point Cloud workspaces, automatically identifying important frames in your annotation workflow.

Release Notes - Sensor fusion layout improvements


Sensor Fusion layout improvements

To empower projects that make use of Sensor Fusion, the layout is being improved to allow simultaneous viewing of multiple video sources.

Release Notes - Shape adjustment with WASD (2D)


Precise shape adjustment

You can now use W A S D, ALT and SHIFT to fine tune the position of your created shape.

Release Notes - Play button and Shape filtering


Tools to lead to enhanced annotation

The Play button enables quick task assessments or reviews while Shape Filtering offers more control when shapes are layered limiting

Release Notes - Panning with WASD


Refining navigation in the workspace

Continuing to improve the navigation experience means interating on, and refining, existing tools. To that end, navigation in a workspace has been improved by the addition of panning using the W A S and D keys.